Plasma Televisions

August 21st, 2006

Plasma televisions are becoming more and more popular to the point where they are almost standard in the common household. They are a great piece of technology and they have come a long way since they were first released. The early models were ridden with technical issues and alot of people we’re returning after less than 100 hours of use. These days the quality is alot higher but there are still things you have to look out for. The resolution, or picture quality, is something to take note. Whereas LCD televisions all have a very high resolution or picture quality plasma televisions have varying resolution. Most people see a 50inch television and are mesmorized by the size of it but when they get it home they are wondering why the picture isn’t as sharp as it should be. As a guide a good resolution is 1024 X 768. Plasma televisions with a good resolution usually cost alot more so the price will also serve as a good indicator as to the picture quality.

Internet Banking

August 21st, 2006

With the fast moving pace of life these days internet banking has become more and more popular. Most banks have an internet banking facility for their customers. This is preferable for banks as it reduces overheads but it is also very convenient for customers. We can view all our account balances, transfer between accounts and even pay our bills. Most people also have a credit card with their bank. Using internet banking they can see their balances at the click of a button instead of having to wait for their monthly statement. Older customers shy away from using technology when it comes to their money but sooner or later they will also have to adapt and start using these cutting edge systems.

Hello world!

August 19th, 2006

Hi there and welcome to the Technology Slice blog. I will be discussing current and emerging technologies as well as reviewing fun gadgets.