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Canon Digital Camera/Printer Package

With several digital cameras on the market these days I’ve decided to review one I found to be very useful.  The product is the canon digital camera and pixma printer package. 

Most packages that are offered contain inferior products following the “quantity not quality” path but this wasn’t the case with the canon package.  Both the printer and the digital camera were quality products in their own right.

The camera was a 4 mega-pixel camera utilizing a SD memory card.  It takes quality photos and was easy to use.  It had a simple menu navigation and had an auto function for those that don’t want to mess around with the modes.  It also had appealing dimensions.  It was nice to look at, and sat nicely in my hand and was fairly light.  The only drawback was the size of the SD card (16MB) which is fairly small according to today’s standards.  If you want to be able to take a decent amount of photos the memory card will need to be upgraded to 128MB or possibly 256MB.

The pixma printer was also a quality product.  It was easy to setup, installing ink cartridges in some printers are a nightmare, and was also easy to use.  It came with a user manual that was easy to understand and wasn’t the size of a novel.

The printer came with photo paper included making it possible to start printing photos straight away.  The quality of the prints produced were exceptional.  The printer also had a handy ink level read out that let’s me know how much ink I have left which is always handy.

All in all the printer/digital camera package was well worth the money spent and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to print quality pictures in a flash.


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Last updated: 08/19/06.