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Dear Friend,

If you've ever struggled with making your marriage work to the point where you need marriage counseling, you're in the right place. And I'm here to help you. We all have hopes and dreams of a happy marriage before the blessed event, but most of us quickly find out that it’s not always champagne and roses.

Let me ask you a question……. are you completely happy with your marriage?

If not don’t worry, most people aren’t. If the answer is yes then I’m happy for you. But the truth is most of us are drudging through life hoping things will get better eventually.

A few years back I was one of those unhappy people. My spouse and I would be constantly bickering. I was sick and fed up with the arguments and the cruel words my spouse and I would say to each other. Then one day it hit me, it doesn’t need to be like this. I love my spouse which is why we got married in the first place. Now I am happier than I have ever been. That is why I wrote this book to help others to mend their marriages.

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Marriage Matters (and it should)

  • The 5 pillars of a happy marriage

  • Conflict resolution

  • Common situations that can stress a marriage and how to handle them


The testimonials below is proof that happiness can be achieved


Dear John,

                      Thank you for your insightful book. It has done wonders for me and my partner. Before we were both making each other unhappy. It seemed like we couldn’t agree on anything and having a simple conversation was a chore. After reading your book things are a lot better. Our marriage didn’t magically become perfect over night, but using your techniques we are a lot happier and still working for an even better marriage. Thanks!




What are you waiting for, don't you want to be happy?


Dear John,

                      Thank you for your wonderful book. Things seemed impossible to repair with me and my husband. We were at our wits end. He wouldn't even consider going to marriage counseling. But after reading your book we are slowly making our way back to the way we felt about each other the first day we were married. Thank you!




As you can see my book has made a change for the better in the lives of many. If you want to give your marriage a chance, now is the time to do it.



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